The Awards

It wouldn't be a competition if there weren't prizes. The adjudicator not only publicly comments on the plays every night, but also keeps a list of points following the GoDA scheme. On the last night, after the adjudication of the last three plays, the prizes are awarded - a highlight anxiously awaited by all participants and accompanied by many cheers and tears.

The awards are:

  • Best Production – The Founders’ Trophy
  • Second Best Production – The ECC Centennial Cup
  • Third Best Production – The BATS Trophy
  • Best Actor and Best Actress – The Blackie Awards
  • Best Stage Presentation – The Grand Duchy Trophy
  • Best Stage Management – Marcel Huhn/Bruno Boeye Memorial Award
  • Best Original Script – DAW-Verulam Award
  • Discretionary Award – Don Luscombe Discretionary Award
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