The Groups

Some information about the groups.

Anglophone Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart

Founded in 2002, ACTS is a multi-platform project based at Stuttgart Media University (HdM) aimed at expanding the Anglophone cultural landscape of the Stuttgart area by exploring both current and historical subjects in an innovative way.

The English Comedy Club

The ECC was originally formed as The English Comedy Club in 1909 as an amateur society dedicated to performing English language theatre for the expatriate community in Brussels. It is the oldest established English language theatre company on mainland Europe.

English Drama Group Salzburg

The EDGS is a project, founded in 1967, whose aim is to produce quality amateur theater productions in English in Salzburg. It offers participants (young and old, native and non-native speakers) a chance to work together on stage and learn more about drama, theatre and the English language.

European Space Operations Centre Theatre Group

Founded in 1988, The ESOC Theatre Group is a non-profit social organisation, part of the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) of the European Space Agency (ESA), located in Darmstadt, Germany.

Geneva English Drama Society

The Geneva English Drama Society has been staging highly successful English language theatre in the Geneva region since 1933.

Munich Feminist Project

Munich Feminist Project is an English-language, non-profit, feminist art organization based in Munich, Germany. We were founded in December of 2016 as a response to the American presidential election, and as an effort to make a difference at a time when we felt most powerless.

New English American Theater

NEAT stands for New English American Theatre. The idea was conceived in 1991 as a means of making English language plays more widely available to Stuttgart audiences.

New World Theatre Club

The New World Theatre Club (NWTC) in Luxembourg has successfully staged some 150 plays in English over 50 years. From comedy to dramas, Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, NWTC welcomes amateur actors, directors and production crew of all nationalities.


Semi-Circle is an English speaking theatre group in Basel, Switzerland. We have been putting on plays for almost 45 years and productions have ranged from musicals, tragedies and comedies and have included Ayckbourne, Coward, Shakespeare, Shaw and Wilde.


Tagora is a multicultural and multilingual theatre troupe based in Strasbourg. We are part of the Council of Europe’s staff association but also recruit widely from outside the Council. We believe this contact between a European institution and the world outside is one of our strong points.

Theater de WAANzin

Theater de WAANzin, Gent (1988) originated from a student theatre group at the University of Ghent, Belgium. The word WAANzin, meaning insanity, consists of two parts. WAAN (dream, revel, illusion) and zin (sense, meaning). WAAN in the meaning of hope, desire and illusion. Illusion being the theatrical metaphor par excellence, but also the indissoluble touchstone of life of which the dream (WAAN) often is the only meaning (zin).

UP Hamburg
University Players Hamburg

The University Players are the anglophone theatre company at the University of Hamburg. Made up of students and non-students alike, we put on two shows of any genre each year, ranging from Shakespeare to original works and regularly attend festivals.

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