The Fringe

The Fringe takes place on three days in the afternoon.

Friday 1pm
Serious Drama
Cell Talk
Amicable Separation Theatre Group

Based on true life events, the play ‘Cell Talk’ explores the meeting of two medieval women: Julian of Norwich (born 1343) and Margery Kempe (born 1373).

Julian is a recluse, an anchoress, a mystic and author (Revelations of Divine Love) and Margery is a wild and worldly woman who also ends up an author (Book of Margery Kempe). These two women with different approaches and different lives somehow come together to support and learn from each other.

Friday 2.20pm
Three Gifts
Ghost Sheep

With three gifts from the audience, a play will be created that has never been told before and will never be repeated again. As if by magic, an entertaining and engaging story will unfold before your eyes.

Friday 3.05pm
1. Lookin' for a Better Berry Bush
2. The Role of Della
3. Workout

  1. The plot follows a hard working waitress and a street woman who have vastly different life experiences as they clash on a city street.
  2. A riveting and riotous look at the contemporary audition process, giving new meaning to the term "stealing a scene."
  3. A running commentary on, to, and about a woman's life and her exercise routine.

Friday 4.20pm
Viewpoints – Awareness and Presence on stage
Sarah Hübner

Viewpoints is a practice which develops the ability to be fully present, spontaneous and intuitive in performance and rehearsal. This workshop introduces some of the basic principles of Viewpoints. Participants will explore acting and devising techniques on an individual level and as part of a group.

Saturday 1pm
Terminal C
Now Now Productions

Terminal C explores the twists and turns when two complete strangers are trapped together in an empty room. It is an exploration of the human condition; a contemplation on how a single event can dramatically change our attitudes and behaviour making you wonder do we really have control over our lives?

Saturday 2pm
The Way of All Fish
Het Homerostheater

It's sink or swim for a New York executive when her secretary stirs up the waters. Will the big fish take the bait? Holy mackerel! This ping-pong power play will have you hooked!

Saturday 3pm
Fill In the Blanks
Bake This

Using your suggestions as inspiration, Bake This will perform an entirely improvised musical live on stage. The characters are improvised, the story is improvised, even the songs are improvised!

Saturday 4pm
Body Language
Georgi Corrêa Rossi

When it comes to acting, sometimes the way you carry yourself can communicate far more than the words that come out of your mouth. Therefore for actors, body language study becomes extremely important. To go "under the skin" of the character one needs to look into every aspect of their body language. The workshop seeks a greater understanding of one's body and a predicted reading of the other's body.

Sunday 1pm
The FEATS Steering Committee

This is the time to discuss ideas with the FEATS Steering Committee.

Sunday 2.20pm
The Man in the Bowler Hat

A terribly exciting little affair happens in the humdrum life of John and Mary, a tempest in a teapot, but while it lasts--well, it's high comedy, at least for the audience

Sunday 3.10pm
1. Her Mistress' Voice
2. The Train to Brexit
3. Your Money or My Life
The Pretenders

  1. Who needs a map anymore with a Satnav, guiding you through the adversities of today’s traffic? And with the advance of artificial intelligence these little devices will get more and more geared towards our personal needs. Perhaps a bit too personal...?
  2. This play was written by members of the cast in response to the frustrating political situation in Great Britain. Many of the ex-pats in the group felt unfairly left out of the decision-making process and this play is the result.
  3. An old businessman who wants to end his life meets an armed robber in a park who is desperate for cash.

Sunday 4.10pm
Directors' Panel Discussion

This panel discussion by established and successful directors will explore the key elements of bringing words on the script pages fully to life on the stage.

Panel Members:

  • Conrad Toft (ECC)
  • Jenny Hall (AATG)
  • Tracy Tollman (BUSC)

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